First Dream
Where it began

The dream begins with you standing in a field looking at a gigantic orange. This orange is the size of a large house and as you look you see a single staircase leading up to a well lit doorway in the center of the orange’s skin. You also notice many other people (maybe a couple of hundred) walking toward the staircase and heading up to the light. As you try to begin to follow the lead of the masses, you notice that you are buried up to your knees in the ground. The door starts to close and a deep panic fills you as you think you’ll never make it before the door closes.

You can’t remember how, but you suddenly are standing at the doorway to the orange, staring into the bright light adjusting your eyes. You walk in, and see a table with an empty chair on one side and for beings sitting on the other: a zombie, a car salesman, a three-dimensional shadow, and humanoid-goat. Chained to the table you see a stone tablet (blank) and beside this is a wavy knife with a serpent head hilt. You sit down at the empty chair, prick your arm with the knife, and let the blood drip onto the stone tablet.


You see the ceiling and fluorescent lights, and you try to get up but your body is far too weak to even move. You drift back into unconsciousness.


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